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Wedding Invitation Order Form

This is the form you will use to place your order, submit photos and type in your information. Please don't panic if you do not see the background you wish to order below. You can indicate this in the special instruction box that is below.

Once you complete this form you will be instructed to choose the size and quantity of your order. Once this has been chosen you will proceed to the shopping cart and submit payment. If you bypass this step a proof will be emailed in 2-3 days.

If you place your order and use the shopping cart your proof will be emailed within 24 hours excluding weekends and holidays.

" * " Denotes Optional Information. Orders will not be processed until full payment is received.

~Please Choose from our backgrounds Below If there is a particular background you wish to have
that is not indicated below please let me know in the
special instructions and I will create it for you free of charge.~

invitation background

wedding invitation with own background
own background photo

photo in glass  background

double heart

horse and carriage background

western wedding  background

save the date invitation with calendar

flower vine  background

wedding thank you

wedding invitation with photographinvitation candle rings background

wedding invitation with your favorite photograph
own photo as the background

Actually, I changed my mind... I would like to mail in my own photo for a background or list a specific background below...

What color scheme or fade do you wish to use.  Some background above can be changed  a different background color.
Text to be printed on cards~ Please check your spelling. For Invitations, remember to put Church Location, date, time, reception info, etc:

* Name 

Name(s): (If more than one name to be printed on cards, Please divide with comma)
Address Line 1:
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Zip Code:

* If other please specify Location:
*Telephone 1
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E-Mail Address  (Please provide so sample can be sent):

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Special cropping instructions, preferred color scheme, or other information needed
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(email sample of you proof will be sent 24 hours for your approval  once payment is made)

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