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Photo Birthday Invitation

beach background
cake w/balloon
barney the dinosaur
Winnie the pooh
Cake in the clouds
"hello kitty"
little princess
bouquet of pink roses
sesame street
blues clues
little princess w/ castle
own photo
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Wedding Invitations

Own Background
Beach/water background
Photo in Glass
Double Heart

Graduation Announcement

bouquet of roses
white roses background
rose w/ white background
own photo
flying caps
lighted red roses
cap background
wet red rose
school mascot/colors
blue rose background
cap w/ diploma
open blue rose

Jesus footprint in the sand

Open red rose
basketball in the net
bouquet of purple roses



Frequently Asked Questions

Questions before ordering? Check here first!

I have created this page to help answer any questions you may have before ordering. If I do not address a particular question, fill free to e-mail me or call me personally at 254-214-3220 from 5:00pm-10:00pm CST.
All proofs are send within 24 hours and once proof is approved all orders will be shipped within 24 hours. If your order is approved before 1:00pm CST your order will be shipped out the same day.

Q So what exactly are photo invitations?

A Photo Invitations are unique invitations and announcements processed just like a photograph at one of Central Texas's finest processing centers in Waco.

This is the same photo lab the the professional photographers use You see, I have combined the printing industry with photography. I  create photo card just like a photograph but I can add various backgrounds and text with two different sizes (4x6 and 5x7) for the invitations & announcements.

Also available are our business cards which have the same quality as our invitations.
I will image in your photo and add the text and any special logos or clipart. You may submit a photograph, magazine photo, or even color copy.

Please note that you are in complete control on how you wish to have your invitation designed. If there is a particular background that you wish to have please specify and I will create it for you. I will contact you if there is a problem with your background requested. Also if you have seen an invitation with a particular design please send it to me and I will recreate it for you at no additional charge.
Q So what is the price and  long does it take to make? Also  what type of payment do you accept?

A The prices start at $1.05 ea. on the 4x6 size but I also have specials on ordering in sets of different items.

Currently you can order 25 4x6 size for $24.95 and 50 4x6 size for $39.95.More specials will be added so please continue to check for updates.

I can offer a low price because I do all of the designing and have contracted with a local photo lab here in Central Texas for a special pricing and pass the savings on to you.

Once I receive your order we will e-mail you a sample within 24 hours which is available to customers who have paid for their order using the shopping cart.
Non paying customers wishing to see a sample may take up to 3 days to process. Many times this is sooner but we sometimes have to give ourselves a little more time during the rush periods.

If you receive a sample and now wish to pay for your order Click Here

If you snail mail in your order and request to have your sampled e-mail I suggest that you check your e-mail box 3 to 5 days after you have mailed in your photos.

If you e-mail or use the Online Order Form, check your e-mail periodically and the sample should be there. If there is a problem or if you do not receive the sample within 2 days please give me a call or send me an e-mail.
I try to work on all orders the same or next day I receive them so there is no delay on completing your order.
All orders are shipped promptly. 4x6 size w/ envelopes and business cards are shipped within 24 hours. 5x7 size orders w/envelopes are shipped in 2-3 business days. You may have your orders shipped overnight for an addition charge. You will be able to select this shipping method from our shopping cart.
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, personal check and money orders in U.S. funds only.
Q I noticed in your samples that some had more than one photo. Is this an extra charge and will I get my photos back?

A You can add up to 4 photos at no extra charge. You really don't want to overcrowd your card with photos so we feel that no more than 4 will give it a nice look without looking to overcrowded. Also you will receive all of your photos back unharmed if you mail them directly. If you have your photos on a disk, digital camera or hard drive you can upload them from the Online Order Form.  If you decide to mail them in I ask that you try and send a photo no smaller than a wallet size and no bigger than an 8x10. I am also able to do any special cropping or even eliminate the background of your original photo. Just indicated any special instructions when sending your order.
I now offer a great new product for people who love to collect photos of friends and family members but seem to have to make space for them. I will image up to 10 photos on an 8x10. You can also add one line of text under each photo at no additional charge. This collage is only $7.95. Order Now!!
Q Can I e-mail in my photos that I scanned with my scanner or took with my digital camera?

A Most photos that have been taken with a digital camera can be used. Just make sure your settings are on the best quality feature. As for scanned photos we asked that you scan the photo with the highest resolution. Please save as a jpeg or tiff file uncompressed. I will contact you if there is a problem with your  photo. If you are paying by check or money order please notify me after you have uploaded your photo from  Online Order Form and indicate the date you will be mailing in your payment. If you are paying by credit card you can use our shopping cart to process your payment or fax your info to (208) 247-4544. Order Now!!
Q Since you do announcements and invitations do you offer any other related services such as napkins, programs, etc?

A I do offer photo name cards that fit inside a conventional graduation announcement. I am also able to design digital enlargements up to a 20x30 size. Please give me a call for more detail on the enlargement services.
Q Do you send out samples of your work and do you offer any type of guarantee on your product?

A I feel that I have the most unique products on the market today. If you feel that you are not completely satisfied I will refund your money and purchase the same item from one of my competitors. I challenge you to ask any other company to make this claim.. I want you to tell your friends and family members where you ordered from so with this challenge I am guaranteed  no  unsatisfied clients.
I will design a samples free of charge. You are under no obligation to order after you receive your sample. We will design a wedding invitation, graduation announcement, birthday invitations or any other photo card you would like to have. Please note that if you are not sure as to the date and time of the event we will design a mock card just to show the layout. Additional samples will be sent with your creation. Please limit the number of photos to no more than four.
Click here to e-mail any additional questions
Q What about copyrighted photos?

A This question comes up quite often. We have worked closely with Wal-Mart, Sears, and Olan Mill studios. We currently have a release from them indicating it is ok to use their photos for our invitations. I recommend that you first contact the studio and let them know what you wish to do. If the studio is no longer in business or the photo is at least 20 years old, some of the copyright laws do not apply. If you still have a problem getting a release let me know and I will do everything in my power to get the release for you.
Q Can I send in my own background or clipart?

A Yes you can. We will be more than happy to use any background or clipart you have. Just indicate the layout you wish to create and we will do the rest. Make sure that it is of good quality and all will be returned unharmed.
Also feel free to use any of our stock backgrounds. If you do not see anything you like just let us know and we will try to find it for you at no extra charge. We only put a limited number of them up on our site so we won't overwhelm you with choices.
Our Stock Photo Backgrounds
Q Question not answered?

A If your question was not answered in this section please e-mail or call me. I will personally answer any other questions you may have. My number is (254)214-3220 (Brian Dever) after 5pm CST or send me an e-mail.
My pledge to you is to provide professional and prompt service. I encourage any suggestions and comments you may have because I am here for you..THE CUSTOMER...without you there would not be me.
Suggestions or Comments..Click Here

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